Conrad Aiken House a Complete Guide:

Conrad Aiken was America’s favorite poet and writer; besides, he published many works in short stories, novels, and a play. Conrad Aiken was a United States Poet Laureate from 1950-1952. In this article, we will thoroughly guide you to Conrad Aiken house.

Conrad Aiken Family Bio:

His father was Dr. Aiken, and his mother was Mrs. William Ford Aiken. Conrad Aiken was the oldest of four siblings who lived in a beautiful home at 228 East Oglethorpe Ave in Savannah.

Conrad Aiken did not have a good childhood, as he always saw his parents fighting. Mrs. William Ford was a very beautiful and social light who loved to spend money, and she spent money on delicate and expensive things. On February 27, 1901, Conrad heard his parents arguing over money, then Dr. Aiken began counting while Conrad’s mother screamed, followed by three shots, followed by another. When Conrad opened the door of the room in fear, he found his parents dead on the floor. He went to the police station and told them all. Conrad sent to Massachusetts with his relatives.

During this time, Conrad’s house remained empty, but this house is gorgeous and charming; in this article, we will review Conrad’s house.

Conrad Aiken House:

The Conrad Aiken house locates in the United States of America. This home is located in Savannah, Georgia. The city known for its cobbled streets and historic charm.

It has a population of 150,000 people. There is a colonial cemetery on the back side, and the rooms of this house are pretty small and cramped compared today, but the empty spaces in Conrad’s house filled with furniture.

Conrad Aiken House Specification:

Washrooms: 5

Bedrooms: 5

Square Feet: 3,936 sqft

Price: $1.3 Million

Conrad Aiken Address: 228 E Oglethorpe Ave, Savannah, GA 31401

Conrad Aiken Net Worth: $10 Million today


The interior of Conrad Aiken house is built on a closed floor plan. It is made of a green door and brown walls from the outside. The floor color is a choice of white and black design. White furniture is usually in the house, and a wooden table is placed in the middle.

Dining Area:

The dining area has a sizeable six-seater dining table, a fireplace used in cooler weather, and a mirror.

Lounge Area:

Every house has a lounge area where all the house members sit together. The lounge of the Conrad house furnished with a white sofa, two chairs, and wooden floor. It  also made up of sliping entryway that opens a lawn.


There is also a lovely and beautiful lawn with various plants and white chairs to sit on, a table on one side where food and drinks are kept, and a fountain in the middle, which makes the scene very attractive.

Conrad Aiken’s House Bedrooms:

Conrad Aiken House is surrounded by various plants, arranged in a very orderly manner outside the door, and offers a great view. Similarly, the bedroom also very excellent, it has a white bed, there are lamps on the side table of the bed, and the back wall is printed, the floor of the room is like a wooden print. A dressing room is attach next to it. There is a mirror and a wooden table on which a fume, a comb, and other things placed. Conrad Aiken’s house has five rooms. And each room designed; differently; some have a single bed, and some have a double bed. White color used in everything.


Conrad Aiken House has five washrooms. The washroom theme also white, There is a side shower that is separateda glass wall. the geyser is attached to the wall.


The kitchen of Conrad Aiken House is separated from the rest of the space with a cooking area and a fireplace on one side with a table and chair for two people to eat and a wooden table where fruits are kept. Wall-mounted items like open racks are designe to save space.

Total Net Worth Of Conrad Aiken:

Conrad Aiken House net worth is $10 million today.


In this, we have given complete information about Conrad Aiken House. In which the theme of Aiken’s house is the room. The bathroom and the lawn have reviewed, and what is the price of this house today? If you get where does blippi live then visit the link.